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"Five Stars! The story is cleverly written with moderate action from wonderful characters."
Michelle Stanley
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Jenny: "The Rebound"
Jenny Sum

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Out of Body
out of body

Out of Body is a fast-paced supernatural thriller with a unique ending that delights.ScifiandScary.com

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The Traveler's Companion
The Traveler's Companion

The very fabric of reality may very well be in danger. "The Traveler's Companion" is a science fiction thriller as CIA agent Ryan Iverson must use his android with the power of seduction to take down world renown criminal C.C. Go. But Go has a new toy on hand, the Zone, where the mind trumps all in its creation, a technology that threatens the nature of the universe. As reality is bending to Go's will, Iverson doesn't know how he will stand a chance. "The Traveler's Companion" is a riveting psychological thriller, recommended.Helen Dumont Midwest Book Review

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Omega Summary

“The book has intriguing plot, engaging characters and is packed full of action.”

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Aquarius Rising
Aquarius Rising

“Overall, Aquarius Rising is a fun, page turning read. If you are looking for action, secrets, humor, and a little bit of romance, then I suggest you pick up Christopher John Chater’s novel.”
Sabrina Ricci Digitalpubbing.com

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